Monday, June 12, 2006

One day or two?

I seem to continually launch blog attacks on marketers, corporate marketing, and well, anything related to advertising spin. Today is no exception, but gets pointed at Macy*s (or for you local Seattlites, The Bon) and their legendary One Day Sale. Now it seems they're always having a so-called "One Day Sale" which on the surface seems innocuous, if not a bit odd that you're going to have a sale for just one day and then go back to your regular prices. This time I don't have any real complaint, other than the utter confusion of it always being marketed as a "One Day Sale... Wednesday, with courtesy day Tuesday". What is this "courtesy day"? Those in-the-know realize that this just means that the actual sale starts a day before the One Day Sale officially starts. Isn't that considerate of them! If you happen to be busy on the day of the One Day Sale, you can go the day before for added convenience.

My question is (as if you couldn't see it coming from a mile away)... isn't this just a Two Day Sale?! Or does Two Day Sale just not have the same ring to it that the fabulous One Day Sale does? One more thing to add to the files of marketing that doesn't make any sense to me.

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