Sunday, March 11, 2007

Amazing Race 11

[spoiler alert - if you're behind on your TiVo watching of Amazing Race 11, proceed at your own discretion.]

Those of you who have been watching this season of The Amazing Race will appreciate this more than others... but...


Once again, the double-crossing, two-faced, lying, cheating, claw-your-way-to-the-top team fails to prevail! I was convinced I was going to have to suffer through another season with "the team you love to hate," especially after they not only survived but came in 1st place in the first 3 legs of the race. Even when it became apparent that they were going to come in last place this week, I was dreading that it would be a non-elimination leg. But it's all good! Of course, those of you who followed my Amazing Race 7 Travelblog know my fond feeling for Rob and Amber from their first appearance 4 seasons ago.

As for this season of the Amazing Race 11: All Stars edition... I must say it's actually keeping me captivated and watching far more than the previous several seasons have. It's almost even inspiring me to start an AR11 Travelblog... but I think perhaps these commentaries will suffice. And if you're not watching the Amazing Race, it's never too late to start [CBS, Sundays at 8pm]. The excitement really starts to heat up in the second half of the season. There are 12 legs in the race and we're only on the 4th. I have been prediciting for several seasons that an Amazing Race will finally take a trip down to Antarctica, and at the end of the 4th leg of the race they are currently sitting on the southernmost tip of South America. Sounds like a good possibility to me!

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