Saturday, May 05, 2007

Weekend adventures

I decided to actually do something productive today, so that's what I did...

I started by hopping the bus downtown, and walked over to the grand reopening of the Seattle Art Museum. They're open 35-hours straight and free all weekend. I actually arrived just about 45 minutes after they opened and had no wait at all to get in. The museum was... much as it was before the remodel, if you ask me, only it looked a bit newer. :) I definitely noticed much more in the way of contemporary or modern art than your classical oil paintings from centuries ago. For the most part, modern art doesn't really thrill me. But also quite a dedication to Northwest artists (and thus a lot of Native American art as well). I tend to have a rather short attention span at art museums... I pay lots of attention to the art for a while, then it all starts looking the same and I digress into just wandering through the galleries. It's always fun though. I had an odd fascination with the "porcelain room", which I can describe best as a walk-in china closet. Surprisingly interesting to see all kinds of plates, vases, jars, uh, and everything else made of porcelain.

After the art museum, I walked down the street to the market, watched some fish fly and grabbed some fried chicken for lunch. Then I walked up to Westlake and went shopping at Old Navy, bought some new clothes that I needed, then hopped a bus back down to Seattle Center. I FINALLY went to see the Disney music exhibit at the EMP, that has been open since November, but I have STILL never had the time to drop by and see it. It was most excellent, not too large of an exhibit, but very interesting (well, to me at least, but I have a small obsession with Disney music). The exhibit will be open until September, and I'll probably have to take another stop down there sometime to see more.

Then I headed home and watched the Most Exciting Two-Minutes in Sports... the Kentucky Derby. And for once, it actually was rather exciting. Almost exactly one year ago I was at Churchill Downs and now I can watch and say I've been there. Even the Queen of England took some time to stop by and watch the Derby... she looks rather British. :)

In other news, I got a flyer in the mail that they will be repaving the street in front of my apartment building between now and July. I suppose that's a good thing, because there are a few ruts in the road that could use some work. They've been working their way across 45th for quite a while now, and I suppose they'll turn the corner and head my way once they get here. Hopefully it doesn't cause me too much frustration having to get in and out of my building.

Tonight I'm off to the final pops concert of the symphony season, A Cabaret Evening with Betty Buckley. Ms. Buckley is a famous Broadway vocalist (whom I've never heard of, but I'm not much for names), so I can only assume some high quality showtunes tonight which will no doubt be stuck in my head the rest of the weekend. Full report will probably come later tonight or tomorrow. Until then...

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