Saturday, January 12, 2008

House Hunting Adventures

I've been a bit out of touch these past couple of weeks, because things have been a bit busy. Most know by now that I've been looking to buy a house, and for those who have been through the process, you can probably sympathize, but for those who haven't yet, it's far more work than you'd think.

So I had my ideal vision of what I was looking for in a house. Simple to explain, hard to find, and after seeing countless places that were "close but not quite", or "something's just not right", or "if only it had x", I finally found a place that fit exactly all of the things I was looking for. Problem was, it wasn't what I wanted afterall. So I decided to take a look at some places I had previously dismissed because they weren't what I thought I wanted.

And lo and behold, but two days later, what everyone told me would happen finally happened. I walked into the place and immediately thought, "This is it!"

Less then a week later... drumroll please....

... I bought a house!

It's located just off 175th in Shoreline, in the North City neighborhood. Location had as much to do with my decision as the place itself... conveniently located to the freeway, still not too far from work, right on the bus line to go downtown, Safeway is just 3 blocks away, and plenty of other stuff around. For those who want some stats on it:
1710 sqft. + 2-car garage (one of my requirements).
3 bedrooms (plenty of guest space...)
3.5 bathrooms (what do I need 3.5 bathrooms for? why not?)
brand new construction, just finished in December
semi-attached townhouse (yes, those of you who knew my original requirements would know that I swore off townhouses, but as soon as you go inside, you'd never know this was a townhouse. I decided that was OK afterall.)

I have some pictures online in my photo album. We close the end of the month, and I'll be moving throughout the month of February. In the meantime, trying to coordinate all that is involved in buying a house, I think I've been on the phone more in the past week than in the past 2 months.

Eventually we'll return you to your regularly scheduled blogs.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats! to you, Joe. I'm sure you will enjoy having your OWN place. I looked at all the pictures. I'll have to drive by soon to see exactly where it is (but I have a very good idea already). Priscilla