Friday, February 29, 2008

Webapalooza II

In honor of the 29th of February, it's time for another Webapalooza, where I throw out links to some of the more interesting things worth checking out on the web.

MythBusters in Photos - CNET's went on-location with at M5 to check out Adam and Jamie working on their episode for this year's Shark Week, which will air on the Discovery Channel the last week of July.

Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle - A new chapter in the internet campaigning revolution. Click or refresh the page to get a new feel-good Obama reference. Contrast with its sister site, Hillary Clinton Is Your New Bicycle.

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me - Those who know my fascination with game shows will not at all be surprised by this, but if you've never heard of NPR's long-running weekly radio quiz show I recommend hitting up the podcast. Always an entertaining spin on the current news of the week, it's one of my must-listen-to podcasts while sitting at work each week. As an aside, if anyone's a fan and wants to come check out a live taping this June when they'll be in Seattle, let me know.

The '80s TV Theme SuperSite - If you're as disappointed as I am that most TV shows these days have abandoned the opening theme song in favor of an extra 60 seconds of commercials, relive some classics from the "golden age of TV theme songs".

Elevator Rules - FINALLY someone has codified the rules that we all thought were common fact. A few selections:

"When talking on an elevator be considerate, talk softly and do not assume that everyone in the car cares about what you are saying."

"NEVER re-push the call button after someone has already pushed it. This indicates that you either do not understand how the button works, or you do not trust the person that has already pushed the button to do an adequate job of it."

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Anonymous said...

Barack Obama has a picture of you in his wallet! Bwaaahahahahaha!