Sunday, December 07, 2008

Holiday Pops

Last night I went to the Seattle Symphony's annual Holiday Pops concert.  This being the first one since Marvin Hamlisch became the principal Pops conductor this year.  What a concert!  I always have claimed the holiday pops concert to be one of the best of each year, and this year was far and beyond better than any past.  I think what makes Hamlisch's pops concerts standout so much is that it's more than just a lot of great music, it's usually much more of a stage show.  As is usual, there was a sing-a-long portion, which the entire audience was implored (er, required) to stand up and sing it out.  And, as always, the music was spectacular.  Benaroya Hall was packed, and at the conclusion after the encore, the applause wouldn't stop, so Hamlisch comes out for one final bow, and this time drags the concertmaster off the stage with him.  :)  Even more so than usual, next year if you make it out to see one concert, this is the one that is a must see! 

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