Thursday, February 05, 2009

Olympics Tickets = Legalized Extortion

This morning, CoSport, the exclusive US ticketing agent for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, "released" their "remaining" (or so they claimed, at least the tickets they didn't think they could sell as part of "hospitality packages") allotment of individual tickets for the games.  

Almost immediately, the ticketing website was completely bogged down.  By now all of the individual tickets are gone, leaving only the "hospitality packages" to choose from.  

Ah the Hospitality Packages.  So obviously I took a look at the Opening Ceremony package, which consists of:  
  • (1) ticket to Opening Ceremony, category A
  • (1) additional event ticket "of your choice" (to be chosen from a few underwhelming events that nobody really cares about)
  • (1) ticket to the Sunday Victory Ceremony
  • (1) pass to the "Hospitality Area" (to eat and drink with all the other rich people who paid too much)
All for the low, low price of Four Thousand Twenty-Three American Dollars.  $4023?!  So if you have 4 people who want to go, that comes to just over $16,000.  YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS!  I honestly believe that you could get a better deal from the ticket scalpers!  

Absolute, certain, no-doubt-about-it, 100% extortion.  On President Obama's route to untangling the mess of the BCS, I might recommend he make a stop at the USOC and see what he can do about money-grubbing ticket brokers.  


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Amy Roberts said...

It's because COMPANIES buy those damn ticket packages for their executives. It's all crap!