Sunday, July 10, 2005

Christmas in July

What's the deal with all these "Christmas in July" sales? Not to mention those damn commercials for Sleep Country with their little jingle bells-type song about Christmas in July... it's so bad, but you just can't stop watching it. Not to mention it's the exact same commercial they had on TV last July... I guess it was so good they decided to resurrect it. Whatever.

So Christmas in July, is that really necessary? What's so wrong with having a "July in July" sale? Or here's a novel idea, an "Independence Day in July" sale. I don't get it. I mean, I know July is as far away from Christmas as you can get, but so what? I'm going to have a store and throw my own sale... I'll call it my "St. Patrick's Day in September " Sale. You get those same great St. Patrick's Day prices in the middle of September. It's perfect! Again, this deserves a big giant whatever.

In completely unrelated news... don't you hate it when you eat a sandwich made with toasted bread, like a club sandwich or something, and it just chews up the roof of your mouth. I think I have serious cuts up there... painful I tell you. But that sandwich was mmm...mmm... good. :)

That's all, I'm going to bed.

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