Saturday, July 30, 2005

Apartment Living... part deux

So about a month ago I blogged about the random stuff I found down on my deck from the "crazy lady upstairs". [Apartment Living a.k.a. How to be an amateur CSI] So I'm sitting here at home on this Saturday morning and I get a knock on my door. Now, might I add this is I believe the very first time I've ever had ANYONE knock in my door... it just doesn't happen. So I open the door, and it's the lady from upstairs.

At first I was like, "ok, I've lived here for a year and a half... this is the first time I've met her... why is she coming down here now?" Maybe it's because when my friend Jonell was over here a week or so ago she mentioned "that crazy lady upstairs" out the door while said crazy lady from upstairs was out on her balcony. Who knows. We talk briefly, then I find out the real reason for her visit... some clothes that were apparently drying had fallen off of her balcony onto mine. She was really embarrassed... I was just amused. I asked her how long she's lived here... she pauses a moment and then says... "oh... about 12 years now." TWELVE YEARS?!!? Dude... this place is nice but I can't imagine living in any apartment for that long, let alone this one. I guess to each her own.

Then she tells me about how she's put towels down so that when she waters her plants, the water doesn't make all that noise as it comes splashing down on my patio. She also has explained one other mystery to me... for the last week or two I've noticed how the squirrels seem to congregate out on my patio, and I couldn't figure out why. Well, she says she feeds the squirrels... by throwing nuts down onto my patio. Mm-hmm... it all makes sense now.

Anyway... half of the mystery solved... but she's still the "crazy lady upstairs" in my book. But a nice crazy lady upstairs, I will say.

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