Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What can I say?

How quickly time flies when you have nothing productive to say.

Have I had anything profound to say lately? No. Do I have anything profound to say now? No, not really. But I'm blogging anyway just so people know I still exist. Here comes the 30-second recap of everything that's happened in the past week.

Super Bowl - Yes, the Seahawks lost to the NFL Referees in Super Bowl XL. I'd rather have seen them lose on their own merits, but that's how it goes. My super bowl party went well, and I successfully proved that my apartment IS big enough to hold 8 guests with nobody needing to sit on the floor. That was pretty impressive.

Curling - Curling continues as usual. Friday night my team made me skip the game... despite my best resistance. :) [note, "skip" doesn't mean I missed the game, in curling the skip is the head of the team who calls the shots.] It was actually not bad, I curled well, and we won the match. No curling on Sunday due to the super bowl, but on Monday night I curled my normal lead position, and continued my outstanding curling. Going into Monday we were tied with one other team for first place in the league, both teams an undefeated 3-0 record. As luck would have it, we played the other team at the top of the standings. We proceeded to score 6 in the first end, and 3 more in the 2nd end, and went on to win the match by about 10-2, bringing our record to 4-0 and sole posession of 1st place. Of course, the season has I believe 6 or 7 games left, so there's plenty of time for us to fall to the bottom. :)

Work - Work is busy, yet not too bad. Trying to be productive over the course of the week and next before I go on vacation from the 17th to the 24th when Andrew is in town. That should be quite exciting, as the last real vacation I took was probably back in September. Though without a doubt I'll return to the work in a major crunch and have tons of work to catch up with. Makes me wonder how much of a vacation "vacation" really is.

Olympics - The Olympics start on Friday... opening ceremonies Friday night if you watch NBC's delayed coverage... but Friday at 10am if you watch CBC's live coverage. Thank goodness for Canadians and my DVR, I'll be able to watch the coverage in fast forward when I get home from work before I have to go curling. Other more lucky people might not have to work and be able to watch the opening ceremonies live at 10am.

I can't think of anything else important off hand... maybe next time.

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