Thursday, February 02, 2006

Who wants to be evicted?

Arrived home today, checked my mail, and had a letter from my apartment management. The letter states that I am in violation of my lease due to smoking in my apartment, and that the violations must be corrected within 10 days or I will be subject to eviction.

Last time I checked, I've never smoked, nor has anyone who has been in my apartment smoked. Therefore, it's rather surprising I got this letter. After having dinner with my parents at the new pizza place up the street (which was very good, by the way), I got home and went upstairs to visit the apartment managers. The conversation went a bit like this...

"Hi, I live downstairs in apartment 111... I got this letter today in the mail stating that I'm violating my lease by smoking in my apartment."

"Oh, that wasn't you... that's supposed to go to 211. Nevermind, we'll take care of it."

"No problem."

So after that brief 2 minute exchange, it turns out that it's the crazy lady upstairs, who, if you recall from previous blogs [Apartment Living a.k.a. How to be an amateur CSI] both smokes and has cats in an apartment building with a no pets / no smoking policy. I've since learned that the lady in 211 is having a feud with the apartment managers, which no doubt is part of the reason for the drama and the letters. All I know is I'll stay the hell out of it.

Hopefully that concludes the drama for now.

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