Friday, April 07, 2006

Another week, another call from Nissan

At least I still seem to be on Nissan's radar, for better or worse. This morning once again I received a call from Nissan, but this time NOT from their Consumer Affairs division, but from their Executive Offices. The gentleman I spoke with called to say that he received my letter, and would be looking into the problem. He just needed to know the dealer I took the car in to be serviced at, and some other contact information. He gave me his direct phone number and said he would call me back next week.

No accusations, no excuses, just a guy who seems to be honestly looking into my complaint. THAT's what I call consumer affairs. Maybe there's a reason this guy is in the Executive Offices. We'll see... at least this guy didn't leave me frustrated when the call was over. Maybe Nissan can save their reputation with me afterall. We'll see.

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