Tuesday, November 07, 2006

And the rain rain rain came down down down...

Well the rain seems to have stopped, after several days of somewhat constant rain. The "Pineapple Express" as the weatherpeople call it dropped a ton of rain on Seattle. Didn't bother me much, I wasn't outside much except driving around in it, but still.

On my way to work yesterday morning I felt bad for several people:

1) The city worker standing in about 8" of water on the street corner trying to clear a clogged storm drain, while it was pouring down rain.

2) The construction workers doing their normal work on the Fremont Bridge, out there in the pouring down rain trying to get things done.

3) The garbage man who was out in the rain, but that's not too extraordinary, because it rains 3/4 of the year probably. But...

some idiots in my apartment building thought (or rather didn't think) that if they just set 4 mattresses down next to the garbage dumpsters the garbage man will take them away. Well, the garbage man cometh, he empties the dumpsters, and lo and behold, the mattresses are still there. Of course, the mattresses have gone from 4 mattresses down by the dumpster to 4 very wet and nasty mattresses down by the dumpsters. The sad thing is, considering how relatively ineffective the latest building managers around here have been, I wouldn't be surprised if it takes weeks before someone does something with those mattresses. It wouldn't bother me quite as much if not for the fact that the dumpsters are right next to the garage door, and I drive by them constantly, nearly running into them. Stupid people.

In other news... I want the holidays to be here. November is such an uneventful month. Once Halloween is over there's nothing festive until Thanksgiving, then it's officially the holiday season. What I'm really looking forward to though is Christmas music. I could complain now... and people just say "well, why don't you just listen to Christmas music now?". That's crazy. You can't listen to Christmas music too early, otherwise you get sick of it before the holidays are over and that would be a tragedy. This begs the question, when is too early? This is a complicated question. Previously I strongly claimed that you must wait until the day after Thanksgiving, the "official" start of the holidays. However, the Holidays Amendment of 2004 officially changed that rule to allow Christmas music anytime starting the week of Thanksgiving.

It's too early to change the rules again anyway... what do I look like, a flip-flopper?

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Anonymous said...

Joe-- I totally feel the same way. I want it to be Christmas already! I keep getting carols randomly stuck in my head. I guess I should be glad it's not that time yet, tho.