Monday, November 27, 2006

Global Warming? Yeah, right.

If anyone needs proof that Global Warming is bogus, I now have it. This Seattle weather we're having is quite possibly the most insane weather I've seen in 27 years. Sure there has been snow, sure there's been wind and cold... but this is just odd.

Not that it's surprising, but the weathercasters around here have absolutely no clue what they're doing when it starts to snow. Sure, they make it seem easy enough, cold air comes in from the north, meets the moist air from the south, in one of their favorite areas the "Puget Sound Convergence Zone", and just like Emeril would say... BAM!... snow. If only it really were as simple as they make it seem, perhaps it would actually stop snowing when they say it would. But no, this latest blast seems to have come out of nowhere and just appear.

The biggest question is, to go to work tomorrow or not. The official word from the office was "If Seattle schools are open tomorrow, Insightful is open tomorrow." Well, Seattle schools are closed... but that leaves a bit of ambiguity as to whether or not work is. I'll see how the roads look in the morning and if anyone else is going to work. I probably could make it to work with relatively little difficulty, but that hardly means much if there isn't anyone else there.

Alas, what an uninteresting blog today... but at least I put something here.

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