Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Persistence finally pays off

In the continuing saga of my car windows and Nissan, persistence has finally paid off apparently. The gentleman from Nissan's executive offices called me back this morning (35 days after my initial complaint) and let me know that Nissan will cover the replacement of the faulty window regulators on my car.

Of course, over the course of the past 35 days, the Nissan dealer in Ballard that I took my car to originally has shut its doors and turned out the lights permanently. As a result, on Tuesday I will be taking my car up to Edmonds to get the repairs done, but for what it's worth, I don't mind too much. I'm just glad that they're finally going to take some ownership in their product and fix my car

It's nice to know that there ARE people out there who care about the consumer... the irony is that those people are NOT the ones in the consumer affairs department. Though the realization that Nissan does seem to care about having me as a customer afterall restores my faith in them, and I will once again consider getting another Nissan

... after my windows start working again.

Friday, April 07, 2006

As the curling season comes to a close

It's finally happening, curling season is coming to a close. This weekend is the big April Spiel, the last big tournament of the year. There are 53 teams in the spiel this weekend, with games running last night (Thursday), and then every 2-hours from Friday at noon through Sunday at 3. All day, all night. As is only proper, teams that win stay in the good brackets that don't have to play in the middle of the night, but start losing and you quickly end up playing games at 2am, 4am, or anywhere else ridiculous around there.

My team's first game was last night, we won so we are currently staying in the A-bracket and playing tonight at 6pm. Unfortunately due to the luck (or fate, in this case) of the draw, we are playing against 3/4 of the team that won the 2006 US Mixed National Championship. Of course, it's a game and anything could happen... but I suspect we may be a bit outmatched in tonight's game. If we lose, we fall to the C-bracket and play sometime Saturday morning, but if we win things are pretty good, I think.

After this, not too much more curling to do, but it's getting sunny and nice out now so maybe I'll find new and exciting things to do outside.

Another week, another call from Nissan

At least I still seem to be on Nissan's radar, for better or worse. This morning once again I received a call from Nissan, but this time NOT from their Consumer Affairs division, but from their Executive Offices. The gentleman I spoke with called to say that he received my letter, and would be looking into the problem. He just needed to know the dealer I took the car in to be serviced at, and some other contact information. He gave me his direct phone number and said he would call me back next week.

No accusations, no excuses, just a guy who seems to be honestly looking into my complaint. THAT's what I call consumer affairs. Maybe there's a reason this guy is in the Executive Offices. We'll see... at least this guy didn't leave me frustrated when the call was over. Maybe Nissan can save their reputation with me afterall. We'll see.