Monday, March 22, 2010

Jury Duty - Episode IV - Part 3

11:35am - Another jury panel, this time of 45 potential jurors.  Again, it's an honor not to be selected.  Or is it?

You know, for as often as I get "randomly selected" to get jury duty, it's becoming exceedingly rare that I actually get "randomly selected" for a jury panel once I'm here.  I guess it's not the worst in the world, because it usually means I sit around for a couple of days then go home.  However, those two days are incredibly boring.

11:45am - Lunch break until 1:30pm.  An hour and 45 minutes.  THIS is why the government is so slow people.  Honestly, who takes that long of a lunch in the real world?  I'm lucky to take a half-hour let alone an hour and a half.  If they spent less time taking lunch, maybe we could leave by like 3:00pm or something.  Yeah, that's the ticket.

1:15pm - Back from lunch, though had to wait a good 15 minutes to get through the metal detectors at the front door.

1:48pm - Still sitting here waiting for something to happen.  Ooohhh, an update!  One more panel to choose... 40 more names to be selected.  10 down... #11 is me.  Well, time to see what the excitement will happen.  It's usually not a good sign if you're in the first half of the panel... that means you pretty much have to get challenged off the jury in order not to serve. Woe is me.  At least I'm doing something!  More to come later...

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