Thursday, September 02, 2010

Working in Göteborg – Day 10-13

As expected, once the work week started up here, things got a bit busy.  When I haven’t been working, I’ve been out and about the town, and then I get back to the hotel and sleep is the highest priority.  But some interesting happenings. 

Out the window

The view from my hotel room on the 9th floor is actually quite tolerable.  This was the view on the first night, when the rains were still passing through.  Fortunately, after the work week started the weather cleared up and has been cool, but sunny and mostly pleasant the whole week. 

Out the hotel window at sunset.

Göteborg seems to have a little of everything.  Part old shipping town, part college town, and now part tech town.  I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with the folks in our office here.  They all are great people and like to have a fun time at work.  Almost reminds me of the office back home in Seattle. :) 

Canal in Goteborg

Among the more interesting things that happened, the other day I went out to lunch with some folks from work, and went to this Swedish bistro.  I took the opportunity to enjoy a food I have never had before.  Can you guess what it is?

a)  Alligator
b)  Reindeer
c)  Piranha
d)  Rattlesnake

Answer after the picture…

Goteborg streets

The correct answer is:  (b) Reindeer.  Though as it was prepared the dish looked almost identical to a traditional American Thanksgiving day meal.  It consisted of reindeer (with bacon) and mashed potatoes, all covered in gravy, with some lingonberries on the side.  Really, if you replaced the reindeer with turkey, and the lingonberries with cranberries, you would have Thanksgiving all over again.  Though it was quite delicious, actually.  I can now check reindeer off of my mystery meat checklist. :) 

Some various pictures around the office are on the Picasa album

Tomorrow is the last day of the work week, then I have a leisurely Saturday before the long flight home on Sunday morning.  Final vacation updates probably on the way home. 

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