Sunday, August 29, 2010

On the Train Again – Day 9

After a leisurely morning where I did next to nothing except for watch old episodes of Frasier with Norwegian subtitles, I’m back on the train and heading off to Gothenburg.  This time I’ve just got a short leisurely 4-hour journey out of Norway and back to the Swedish empire. 

Nothing at all too exciting going on here right now.  The train was packed full when we left Oslo, but has now actually become rather empty as many have gotten off at various stops in the southern part of Norway.  I’ve now got two seats to myself and am relaxing and stretching out.  This leg of the journey is on a Norwegian NSB train, rather than the previous two trips on Sweden’s SJ line.  Different looking trains, but really not much else difference beyond that.  My only beef is that the vast majority of the seats on this trip happen to be facing backward.  I’ve determined that I don’t really like riding backward, I’m much happier riding in the forward direction. 

Though I must say, this is by far the most scenic of any of the trips I’ve taken so far.  Norway is fantastically beautiful country (and I must say, definitely has the coolest flag of any of the Scandinavian lands). 

After today, I expect the blog postings to slow down a bit, as I get into a very routine week of work in Gothenburg.  There may be some surprises though, which could provide some interesting material.  And I’ll try to take some exciting pictures of our office to get the perspective of what the “real world” (as opposed to the “tourist world” of Sweden is all about.  I’ll be sure to keep my camera on me even at work.  You never know I’ll find something interesting.  :) 

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