Thursday, September 29, 2005

Disneyworld Day 2

Day 2 at WDW, our first full day, was started off with us all coming to the realization that it takes more than just one night to reset your internal clock 3 time zones away. So getting moving by 8am didn't actually happen as planned. Fortunately as it turns out, it didn't matter much anyway. Well, actually, I should back up a few hours to 2:00am. That's the time when Amy's luggage finally arrived and was delivered to the room. Of course by this time everyone was asleep... but that's the way it should be I'd guess.

Once we actually got moving we were off to the Animal Kingdom for our first day of theme park excitement. We were off to the Animal Kingdom, the newest of the WDW theme parks. (Of course, by 'newest' I mean it is about 7 years old.) While I can't say too much exciting about it, it's really not much more than a Disney-fied zoo. You do see some animals quite close, which is a nice touch. This giraffe literally walked right past our vehicle in the Kilimanjaro Safari ride (one of only a handful of actual rides at AK.)

We spent the majority of the day there before heading over to the nearby resort the Animal Kingdom Lodge where we had dinner. It was a very unique buffet which had a lot of different African food, but really quite tasty. Here's a view looking out from the AK lodge:

After dinner we headed back to our hotel with the intent to go to Epcot later this evening, but decided to just relax instead. We've got 6 more days here, I think we'll have plenty of time to see everything we want to see. That leaves me right here, blogging the somewhat eventful day and ready to get some sleep. Tomorrow's adventures are the Magic Kingdom, that scaled-down version of the Anaheim institution known as Disneyland. With a little sleep we all should be energized enough to make it through the day. :) Vacations can be such hard work...

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