Friday, September 30, 2005

Disneyworld Day 3

OK, so this is going to be short as I'm tired, and no pictures because I'm too lazy to upload them tonight.

Today was yet another day of adventure, but we gave up on the whole idea of getting up early and going out to the parks. So by about 11:00am we got moving and went over to the Magic Kingdom. By we, I mean my parents and I, as Amy decided she was going to be stubborn and stay in the room and sleep. Of course, those of you who know Amy know that her stubbornness shouldn't be of any surprise whatsoever. She is reading this over my shoulder and telling me it's not stubbornness it's sleepiness... I think it's the same thing if you consider the reason she was sleepy was because she was too stubborn to go to bed when the rest of us did. :P

The weather today was probably no warmer than it's been the past two days, but it sure felt like it. Maybe it was just more humid during the day than anything else. While at the Magic Kingdom today, we had a torrential downpour (and I'm not talking Seattle rain, I'm talking BIG rain). We ducked onto the closest ride, and found ourselves taking a trip on the Jungle Cruise in the pouring down rain. Quite entertaining actually, it really made it feel like we were going through the jungle, complete with the skipper telling really bad jokes. :)

After a day filled with a lot of going from ride to ride not to get out of the rain, but rather to get out of the heat, we hopped onto the monorail and went over to the Grand Floridian resort. Shall we say, tres swank. Dinner for the four of us was $175, and of course, completely free for us as it was included as part of our package. We of course would never eat there if we WERE paying, but can't argue with free. After dinner, looked around the resort, and absorbed all of its swankness we could handle, then went back on the monorail over to Epcot. We arrived no more than an hour or so before it closed, but found just enough time to go on the Test Track ride, which is essentially what it sounds like, you ride a car through this simulated test course. After that we wandered over to watch Epcot's nighttime spectacular, IllumiNations. I reiterate my opinions from previous visits that this is indeed the best show Disney has ever created. Outstanding!

The rest of the evening wasn't much to shake a stick at. I wrote 5 postcards, am writing this blog, and then going to bed. Tomorrow's adventures (complete with pictures, I promise) will include the Disney-MGM Studios, and one of the other great Disney-created rides: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Wahoo! Off to bed. I think I'm finally adjusting myself to Eastern time... probably just in time to be forced to adjust myself back to Pacific time. Ah the joys of travel.

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