Sunday, September 11, 2005


Other than making any comments regarding yesterday's football performance by my Dawgs --which completely blew my prediction out of the water -- I will instead practice my sports headline writing. The headline in today's Seattle Times was: "A giant U-turn for UW". This was far less inspiring than I would expect from the Times' sportswriters. Instead, I offer the following alternatives:

"A game Bear-ly worth mentioning"
"Another un-bear-able performance"
"Husky defense pleads guilty"
"California 56 - Washington hopeless"
"UW Football: 20 seconds of excitement"

OK, so my headlines weren't much better. This just in from the random fact department: UW-Cal game attendance: 57,775. Smallest crowd in Husky Stadium in 19 years. But bonus points for being a palindrome.

And that's all that needs to be said of Husky Football until next week.

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