Saturday, October 01, 2005

Disneyworld Day 4

Another day at Disneyworld. Today's adventures were off to yet another late start, we didn't actually make it out of the hotel until about 11am. But that's ok... sleep and relaxation is good on vacation. Today we went over to the Disney-MGM Studios and spent most of the day there. As with yesterday, Amy stayed and slept and met us over there after a few hours. At the Studios, we went on a bunch of rides... including the fabulous Twilight Zone Tower of Terror which features a 13-story drop in a runaway elevator. Who can beat that for thrills? :) We also endured the obligatory torrential downpours of "big" rain. These we survived nicely by just hopping from indoor attraction to indoor attraction. One of those being the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Play It!" game show attraction. Basically it's just like the TV show, except the contestants come from the audience and play for "points" which give you prizes. Well, as per always, they start with a Fastest Finger question, which was something like this:
Put these famous city nicknames in geographical order from North to South:

A) Alamo City
B) Emerald City
C) Windy City
D) City of Angels

Well, I thought I was incredibly slow in determining that the order was B-C-D-A... but obviously underestimated the fact that nobody seems to know that Seattle is the Emerald City. As a result only 6 people in the entire audience (of several hundred) even got the correct answer, let alone in the fastest time. So they flash the bottom 5 seat numbers up on the board, and my number wasn't there... but I was sure I got it right... just as they flash up the fastest time in Seat 326, lo and behold, I had won and was going up to be in the hotseat. Anyway, I had my moment in the spotlight, made it up to the 32,000 point level and missed the 64,000 point question... but it had to do with literature, so I don't feel bad at all. It's not like one I *should* have known. haha. As a result, I won 10 pins (for each of the point levels I reached), a hat, a polo shirt, and a lanyard. All in a days work. :) It will go well with the ones I won at California Adventure at Disneyland when I also reached the 32,000 point level.

After the entire family went on the Tower of Terror, Amy and I went on the Rock'n Roller Coaster. An excellently thrilling 90-second ride.

In front of the Tower of Terror

I also enjoyed the Muppet mayhem at MuppetVision 3D. It's a 3D show that includes all of the Muppet craziness.

With some close-ups of Bunsen and Beaker

Chatting with Statler and Waldorf

Tomorrow is planned to be a full day at Epcot, which will be most excellent. Plus I'll get to visit the Universe of Energy ... and you can count on a picture of that. :)

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