Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Blog leftovers...

Nothing new and interesting here, just updates to stuff I've already written about. First the Cingular saga. So yesterday I went and did everything that the fine customer service rep suggested I do. I tried the phone with the updates that she sent to the phone, no change in behavior. So I stop by the Cingular store at Northgate and upgrade to a new SIM card... on the bright side, they didn't charge me for it, so I ended up with an extra $25 credit on my account, nothing wrong with that. But unfortunately, that also had no effect, I have the same problem I had before. Today I give Cingular a call back to see what they can do now. The first person I talked to was surprised the solutions I tried didn't work, and the only thing she could do was transfer me to their Equipment Exchange department to get a replacement phone. I worked my way through the Cingular phone system to find the specified folks, and talked to another lady who I explained the problem to. She thought it didn't sound like the phone had any problem, and I agreed that a replacement phone likely wouldn't help a bit. I asked her if I could talk to their technical support people who might be able to understand the problem. She put me on hold and found what she claimed to be someone from tech support, but it was just the normal customer support people again. This person still was not technical, and did nothing more than the rest of them tried to do. C'mon! Let me talk to someone technical who actually knows more details than what they've been taught in their "keep the customers happy" training. Though on the bright side, she credited me with a months service on my account. Well, at that I was out of options. So I went to plan C, and e-mailed Cingular, trying once again to get through to someone who can solve the problem. I got a prompt response to my e-mail, who said essentially that it "should work the way you describe"... and provided no real solution. What help is that?! I mean, I KNOW how it's supposed to work, what does it take to get it through to you people that it ISN'T working how it's SUPPOSED to work. ARGG. I'll respond to the e-mail and try to rattle more cages tomorrow. In the meantime, at least things haven't gotten any worse.

And in last night's Monday night curling updates... I played positively poorly for at least half of the rocks I threw. My line was good, but the weight tended to be off and the rocks would go through the back of the house, which certainly didn't help. After 7 ends, we were down 2 with one end to go. Then my whole team started making good shots, including myself. I made a great draw to the back of the house, followed by my teammates making great shots, and we ended up scoring 3 in the 8th end to win by 1 with a score of 6-5. No more curling until Friday.

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