Monday, October 03, 2005

Disneyworld Day 6

Is it time to go home yet? Yes it has happened... I'm officially sick of being on vacation. I'm ready to go home. Not that things are bad or anything, it's just too much vacation. I'd love to be back in the 55-degree weather, back to work and the regular schedule. But instead, I've got another day of vacation. :)

Today's adventures were very laid back. Considering we've already been to all of the parks here, now we're just going back and catching things we missed the first time around. We went over to the Magic Kingdom this morning... and lo and behold there were a TON more people there than there were when we went a few days ago. It was almost mayhem... except that even with all of the extra people, the lines on the rides still weren't much worse.

We did go on Splash Mountain, and got wet. But that's all part of the fun of it. Here are some pictures I took that were neat.

After that we went back towards the center, had lunch, and then went over to Tomorrowland for some time. Took a ride on Space Mountain using some leftover fastpasses from 3 days earlier... fortunately they only look at the time, not the date. Then I wandered off to meet up with Amy and do some shopping... and again not buy anything. Typical. Got sick of the heat and the crowds, so we left the MK and took the monorail down to Epcot. There we rode Spaceship Earth, which most people don't realize is the actual name of the BIG Epcot icon--that silver ball-looking thing. The ride itself is an interesting, yet incredibly slow moving, journey through the history of communications. (What did you expect? This IS Epcot, afterall.)

After a little more wandering around Epcot, we took the monorail back to the Polynesian Resort for dinner at Ohana. Tasty dinner with lots of food, of course. Walt Disney must have loved to eat. :)

Tomorrow will be our last full day here at Disneyworld... so more of the same... then Wednesday finally coming home again. Now it's time to relax some more.

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