Saturday, October 08, 2005

Disneyworld Day 7 & 8

This is a late update after being home for several days, but I'll try to recap the last two days of the trip.

Day 7 was a last wrap-up day that was spent mostly at Epcot, in fact, it was spent entirely at Epcot. A nice way to finish the trip. We made another lap around the World Showcase stopping at the various countries that we didn't stop at previously. We also went on the Soarin' ride again... which even though I've ridden it countless times in California, is just an outstanding ride.

Day 8 and time to go home... and the rains come in. Tropical Storm Tammy was pushing its outer edges into central Florida and starting the rains. But we weren't leaving until the evening, so we took a last stop over at Disney-MGM studios for some last minute excitement. Actually, Amy wanted to go play Millionaire, so she could try to get into the hot seat. So that's what we did. I, of course, was ineligible to get into the hot seat for 30 days after I got into it several days earlier, so it wasn't quite as fun for me. So Amy actually got the fastest finger question correct, but was not fast enough, she ended up being about 6th place and didn't make it into the hotseat. But some guy didn't do so well, and actually missed a relatively dumb question, and left rather quickly. The person with the highest score would make it into the hotseat, and that person was none other than, AMY. Now the entertainment comes. Amy does pretty well with her questions up to the first milestone at 1000 points. Of course, then there's a bit of banter between her and the host. Here's my paraphrased transcript of the conversation:

Host: "So Amy, what do you do in Seattle?"
Amy: "Uh, nothing at the moment, I'm unemployed"
H: "So you're just out of college, or...?"
A: "No, I was fired."
H: "Oh... I see... so what did you do?"
A: "I worked for a... marketing company."
H: "So obviously you were marketing the wrong stuff"
A: "Apparently."

H: "So did your boss do a Donald Trump thing like 'You're Fired!'"
A: "Haha... no, not quite, but that would have been funny. He kinda is like that."
H: "Bad hair and all."
A: "Totally."

At this point we continue... and a few questions later...
H: "For 16,000 points: King Kame... -ha-ma..."
A: "(correcting him) Kamehameha."
H: "Ka-me-hama"
H: "(laughing) Kamehame... sheesh, I've even BEEN to Hawaii... "
A: "Kamehameha"
H: "Kamehameha. King Kamehameha I was responsible for combining the flags of Britain and America into the state flag of which of these states."
A: "Where did you say you've been?"
H: "Nowhere! I've been nowhere!"
H: "A) New Mexico.... B) Utah.... C) Alaska..."
A: "I bet D) will be Hawaii."
H: "D) Hawaii. You know what my producer just said in my ear... 'You're Fired!'"
A: "Well hey, I'm looking for a job!"

At this point the host just loses it completely. The audience is laughing hysterically. At some point in there we get the answers all through. Amy makes it to the 125,000 question which she promptly gets incorrect and goes back down to 32,000 points. This concludes the show.

Backstage after the show, Amy's picking up her prizes, and the host drops by and tells her how much fun he had. Even the director comes by and jokes to the host "Make sure you get a copy of her resume." It was quite entertaining.

That concludes the excitement of the day, we all came home on our 6 hour flight. My dad and I managed to watch about 5 more episodes of West Wing... and we made it back including all of our luggage. That concluded the fine trip to Disneyworld.

I'll be adding and documenting all kinds of pictures in the photo album later... but for now that's all there is to say.

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