Sunday, October 02, 2005

Disneyworld Day 5

Time for another update. Today we went to Epcot as planned. As has become the usual, Amy stayed in the hotel and slept, not at all caring about how difficult she was making things for the rest of us by refusing to even attempt to be a part of the vacation. But I digress. So we went to Epcot, went around the World Showcase and saw most of the countries represented. Plenty of shopping was done, though I don't think anything was bought. We then moved on to The Land section of Epcot which contained Soarin', the newest attraction at Epcot. This is an exact copy of the Soarin' Over California ride over at Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim, which we've all ridden multiple times, so we weren't completely set on riding it here. But while there, Amy finally showed up, and at about 3pm we all got fastpasses with return times from 8:00-9:00pm. What the heck, why not? After we got our fastpasses, we went to the second newest ride at Epcot: Mission Space. This ride never seems to have too long of lines, probably because it's so intense that people are either (a) scared of it, or (b) they've ridden it once and never want to ride it again. Myself falling into neither of those categories, was thrilled to go on it again. Amy and I convinced our parents that they would be fine on it, it wasn't THAT bad. Well, they almost chickened out, but made it. They now fall into category (b). :) I guess 5G forces are too much for some people of the aged pursuason.

But after that recovery, we worked our way back to the boat that took us over to dinner at the Beach Club resort. It was a buffet themed as a New England Clam Bake. Oddly enough, I was the only one who actually ate the steamed clams... but they had all kinds of tasty foods. So that was good by my standards. After that the parents took a bus back to our hotel, while Amy and I went back to Epcot and I proceeded to take two more laps back and forth through the World Showcase because she wanted to shop. Then we actually used the fastpasses and went on Soarin'. After that we got out and came back.

Now for my commentary. You wouldn't believe how many British people there are around here right now. All I hear are British accents. We've all noticed this, but can't figure out why this would be the case. Some figure that perhaps school hasn't started in the UK yet so people take vacations and are here. My guess is that there are exactly the same number of British people as there always are (Orlando IS a big international tourist destination), but there are just a lot fewer Americans vacationing right now, so you notice the foreigners more. We'll probably never really know the truth.

But speaking of how few people are around, I don't think we've had a wait time longer than 20 minutes on any ride we've been on. It's definitely something to be said for coming in the off-season. Good times. Tomorrow... another day another adventure.

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