Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween curling

Nothing particularly interesting happening on halloween this year, but I did have my normal Monday night curling league. The only thing that made this halloween night spooky was the fact that my parents came to watch curling. :) On the other hand, my mom was yet again obsessed with her camera and took some pictures.

The empty curling rink prior to the games

On the bright side, I was playing really well, as was the rest of my team, and we managed to win 9-2. The only really terrible shot I made was when the camera flash went off right in my face right as I was delivering a rock... I guess it made for a good picture, but a horrible shot.

Bad shot, good picture.

Some random sweeping on one of my shots

Well, that's about it for tonight... just wanted to get some of the pictures up. Happy Halloween!

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