Monday, June 20, 2011

Forgotten Highlights from Yesterday – Day 2

I adjusted fairly well to the 9 hour time difference, all things considered.  I was so tired last night, I managed to fall asleep around 7pm and though I distinctly recall waking up around 10pm and 2am, I slept relatively soundly through until about 7am for a solid 12 hours of joyous restful sleep.  The one saving grace is that this hotel room is ridiculously soundproof, so I was not woken up by random noises outside at odd hours of the night (see last year’s adventures in Copenhagen…). 

Today was pretty typical work day, got up and had breakfast in the hotel, walked over to the office, and was bombarded with meetings throughout most of the day.  After lunch I started getting these waves of sleepiness, which would come and go, but I survived.  After work we went out for some drinks with some coworkers, and then my boss and I were still hungry, so we went to the absolute best Italian restaurant I’ve found in years, just blocks from the hotel.  I found this place when on the last night I was in Gothenburg last year, and knew I had to go back.  It wasn’t a fluke, it was still delicious. 

Now I’m getting ready to go to sleep again, but was recalling all of the great things I forgot to mention from yesterday because I was so tired.  So, first the spectacular movie reviews from yesterday’s flight: 

The Adjustment Bureau – Ironically, I was just days earlier recalling how I had thought this movie looked interesting, but never got a chance to see it in the theatres.  Lo and behold, it wasn’t in the theatres long, and now I know why.  It was an interesting concept, fairly interesting action and effects, and a completely mundane and anti-climactic ending.  But I watched it because it was free. 

HP7.1 – The Deathly Hallows – Yes, I’ve already seen this movie, but I watched it again.  No, it was not any better the second time.  However, it wasn’t any worse either.  Lots of people die… makes for a pretty good childrens’ book, I guess. 

And finally, in other news, that 9.5 hour flight from Seattle to Amsterdam was long.  And you really should eat something before getting on one of those long flights.  The meal we were served shortly into the flight was actually rather tolerable this time, however, it wasn’t exactly substantial.  By the time we reached hour 7 or so, I was freakin’ starving.  Like whoa.  Like I think I’m going to feel sick because I’m so hungry.  Fortunately, I had brought along some granola bars which I ate to make me a little less grumpy.  But around an hour before landing we were served “breakfast”.  This consisted of a hot round inedible breakfast sandwich, which was neither breakfast, nor a sandwich.  I refused to eat such nonsense.  However, for fruit we received a banana.  Now, this may come as a shock to some, but I am allergic to the taste of bananas.  But folks, I was so hungry, I ate a banana.  This was probably the first time in my entire life that I have actually eaten a banana, as it is always a food of last resort, and I’ve never had to resort to it.  And I know you all want to hear the happy ending, where I say “and it wasn’t half bad” and how I’ve become a reformed banana lover.  But too bad.  It was nasty.  I ate a banana… and I did not like it. 

And that was my story.  Thanks for listening.  See you tomorrow. 


Kristen said...

This story is full of win, especially the part where you hate something you hate, and still hated it. Win for sticking to your principles.

Didn't the flight have snacks available for purchase?

Joe said...

Thanks for the win, Kristen. :) No, no snacks available for purchase either. Though if I went to the flight attendants and told them I was dying of hunger, they probably would have found something. I'm not a whiner. :)