Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Leavin’ on the morning train to… – Day 10.1

A bright and early start to my day today, as I made my way the several blocks uphill to get to Waverly Station in Edinburgh to catch the 8am train to King’s Cross.  I continue to be a day late (and presumably a dollar short) with the weather, as it was a gloriously sunny morning in Edinburgh, the nicest day I’ve seen in my entire trip.  I now just crossed through York and am about 2 hours out of London, and the skies are cloudy and grey.  But I’m wearing shorts anyway, because I really don’t care 

I just finished sketching out my time in London.  Today I should arrive and get situated by around 2pm, and hopefully have a few good hours for exploring the city.  Wednesday will be free adventures day, with plans that may include the British Museum, National Gallery, Tate Britain, Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, and/or the British Library.

Yes yes, I know, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to see all of these in a single day.  But when I’m traveling, especially by myself, it’s only loosely guided.  I generally have a good idea what major things I want to hit in a single day, but I’m not so concerned about hitting up every one of them, and if I’m bored with a place, I leave.  The holy grail of touring for me though is a cheap paper tourist map that is usually just good enough to help me find roughly where I am, and has all kinds of interesting museums and tourist attractions marked on it. 

Guiding principle #1:  It’s ok to get lost.  You find more interesting things – the things that AREN’T on a map – when you’re lost.  This works as long as you have enough sense of direction to know how to get un-lost when you want to get back.

So we’ll see what happens.  I really could use some nice weather though.  If I wanted this, I would have stayed home.  Then again, I hear it’s been beautiful back in Seattle recently, so maybe I just bring the rain. 

Another update later tonight after the rest of today’s adventures. 

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