Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Evening at the Park – Day 3

I thought I was adjusting to the time change fairly well.  Then I woke up wide awake at 4:30am this morning and couldn’t fall back asleep.  I guess there’s nothing wrong with that as long as I wasn’t tired later.  Today the waves of sleepiness didn’t hit me until 3 hours later than yesterday, this time closer to 5pm, so that was all good.

Work was another day filled with meetings, but after work today we had a team outing to Liseberg, the amusement park here in Gothenburg.  Think of it similar to the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, but a little more carnival-y.  Still, it proved to be quite entertaining. 


Liseberg Amusement Park After our adventures there, we went to dinner where those of us who went (a large portion of the Gothenburg team, plus those of us India and Seattle folks in town) enjoyed a nice Swedish dinner.  I guess it was Swedish anyway, but whatever, it was in Sweden at least. 

Look, people! Beyond that, we walked back to the hotel and here I am writing this now.  Kinda tired tonight, and don’t have a lot of witty commentary about the day’s events, so I’ll leave you to view the Picasa photo album if you’re so inclined.

And with that, I’ll hope that I get a normal time night’s sleep.

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Unknown said...

Jakob and Anders!!!!! Hugs and kisses, guys! (Kathleen)