Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Are you ready for this?

Dear Avid Blog Readers In Deep Withdrawal Due To My Lack Of Blogging,
(and the other 99.9% of you who may be reading this...)

Fear not, the blog is about to get pretty exciting again!  As statistically speaking, over 50% of my blog posts are in some way related to me planning, going on, or being on vacation... I'm heading on vacation on Friday!

On Friday afternoon I get on a plane for 10 hours to wake up Saturday morning in central Europe, before hopping over to start my 2010 Scandinavian Adventure in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The reason for the adventure?  I'm spending a week working from our Gothenburg, Sweden office to coordinate a project I'm working on, and couldn't resist the opportunity to tack on an extra week of vacation while I'm already over there.

And due to travelling to some of the most internet-connected countries in Europe, I'll have wifi virtually everywhere I am.  So expect plenty of on-going blog updates.

Stay tuned...

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