Friday, August 27, 2010

Nobody told me there would be a bus – Day 7

Up in the morning, actually kinda tired when I got up, which is a first for this trip.  Slept great last night though.  Today is the transit day to Oslo, and what a transit day it’s shaping up to be. 

After shoving everything back into the suitcase and laptop bag, I checked out of the hotel and had about a little over an hour to get to the train station, so I decided rather than hopping the subway down to the station, I would just walk the little over a kilometer down there.  It turned out to be a good choice, since it was such a nice morning. 

As usual, I make it to the train station earlier than I needed to, but that’s not a big deal.  It was nice to sit around and relax a bit first.  Then made it to the platform and the train arrived. 

Now, first off, this is not exactly a glamorous high-speed train like I came in from Copenhagen on.  Though honestly, speed-wise I can’t tell the difference and I think the difference in top-speed is only about 20kph in this case.  However, the bigger surprise that I had not been made previously aware of is that they are doing work on the tracks to Oslo, so after a 3-hour train ride to Karlstad, I get on a bus for another 3 hours to Oslo.  NOT impressive.  Here I was expecting a nice relaxing train trip, lounging in my meager window seat, looking out through a window that probably hasn’t been washed in 6 months, but it was my personal space.  Now, I’m going to be trapped on a bus for 3 hours after being trapped on a train for 3 hours. 

Oh well, I’m here for a Scandinavian adventure afterall, aren’t I?  Maybe the bus won’t be jam-packed full and I’ll have a little more space than I would expect.  I can think positively. 

No internet to post this until later, so more updates to come as we go.  [9AM CET]

[Update 3:30pm CET]

Well, I actually made it.  Checked into the hotel no problem.  Plenty of updates to come later, but for now I’m off to wander the town… and find some food.  Mmm… food.

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